About us

The material posted on this website has been written and compiled by Lawson Sachter.

PsychoDynamic Zen is something that’s evolved out of my 40 plus years of Zen practice, and 20 plus years of studying Dr. Davanloo’s ISTDP. As a sanctioned Zen teacher and ordained Buddhist priest in Roshi Philip Kapleau’s lineage, and as a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve worked with quite a range of people during the past 15 or so years.

My wife Sunya Kjolhede (also sanctioned and ordained by Roshi Kapleau) and I are the founders and co-teachers at Windhorse Zen Community, a residential training center located outside of Asheville, North Carolina. The primary focus at Windhorse is on traditional Zen training (working within with a koan-based tradition), but with the additional strong emphasis on Zen practice as it expresses itself in the world – through simple, healthy living, social responsibility, interpersonal integrity, along with a real focus on intrapsychic freedom. Though not formally integrated into the training here, our understanding of the role of the unconscious in practice informs much of our teaching style, and some who practice here chose to include a focus on both conscious and unconscious aspects of training.

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