Future Possibilities

Our hope is that these writings will help deepen the interconnections between Buddhism and Psychotherapy, and open up further explorations of the differences between Eastern and Western Dharma practice.

Possible future writings could include such topics as:

  • How do I choose a therapist?
  • Therapy as Dharma practice – on both sides
  • The Metapsychology of Forgiveness
  • The Precepts1 and the Unconscious

There could also be a section on “Iatrogenic Zen” which would take a look at difficulties that can arise out of a misunderstanding of practice, and another section could explore the misuses of power within a practice community from a psychodynamic perspective.

If there was interest we could incorporate a FAQ section that could be the basis of on-going discussion, and possibly a Membership Section for registered professionals where questions could be discussed confidentially.

I’d also like to develop a series of workshops, and retreats, perhaps to be called Zentensives, open to practitioners and therapists who are interested in personally and professionally exploring this type of work on a more experiential level.

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  1. The Precepts are the Buddhist ethical guidelines []