About Lawson Sachter

Lawson Sachter is a Zen teacher, sanctioned and ordained by Roshi Philip Kapleau, and a licensed psychotherapist. Lawson is also the president and co-director of Windhorse Zen Community, and the spiritual director of the Clear Water Zen Center. His Zen practice began in 1969, and since then he has participated in, or conducted, over 200 meditation retreats. His training in ISTDP began in the late 1980’s, and for the past 20 years has attended numerous workshops lead by Dr. Habib Davanloo in Montreal. Because he has worked closely with numerous participants in both intensive retreat and psychodynamic settings he has a unique understanding of the complex conscious and unconscious dynamics that can arise in the course of extended meditation practice.


About Sunya Kjolhede

Sunya Kjolhede began her Zen training in 1970, as a student of Roshi Philip Kapleau at the Rochester Zen Center in Rochester, NY. She has been teaching Zen for over 20 years. Sunya has worked as a hospital chaplain, and also as a professional storyteller. Over the years she has conducted meditation retreats and workshops in the United States, Mexico, and abroad. She has contributed to various publications, including The Hidden Lamp and One Bird, One Stone. Along with her other teaching activities, Sunya travels regularly to Poland where she serves as spiritual director of the Bodhidharma Zen Center, a Polish Zen community founded by her teacher in 1975.

Zentensive Advisory Board

Course Director:
Lawson David Sachter, LCSW

Committee Members:
Sunya Kjolhede
Raina Bays, RN BSN
Jeffrey M. George, Psy.D.
Simon Goldberg, PhD Esther Rosen, PhD
Jeffrey Goldsmith, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A.
Esther Rosen, PhD